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YouTube Marketing for Businesses

KK BOLD uses YouTube as one of the many ways we market businesses on social platforms. Marketing on YouTube is its own special animal though.

KK BOLD Media Director, Bridget Schemel, gives the basic requirements for YouTube Marketing — “First off, your company needs a YouTube channel and you need some sort of video to upload. Any video under 6 minutes can serve as an ad but they’re usually 30 seconds or less.”

Marketing on YouTube also requires an account with Google Ads. Within the ads dashboard, businesses can set up campaigns for their videos. Here’s where you set the budget, bids and targeting. One of the ways we target users is by geotargeting. This is targeting people based on their geographic location. It can be done by city, radius, zip code or county. Making sure your ads are only showing where your potential customers are located keeps costs down and eliminates waste.

Google ads also allows you to target by interests and demographics, but one of Bridget’s favorite strategies is to focus on the content of what people are watching. “For example, many gamblers like to watch people gamble, so I can place ads for client casinos on channels that have tons of videos of people playing the slots. Many of these channels upload content on a daily basis and that’s where I want to advertise.” The best tool available for advertising on YouTube is content, so you should use it. It’s the one platform where interest targeting is less effective.

All the campaigns run by KK BOLD on YouTube are also placement based. Bridget explains, “That way Google Ads can’t just run them anywhere across YouTube. Many YouTube users are children using their parent’s device, or their own device that is logged in under their parent’s Google account. In these cases, if you’re running a strictly interest-based campaign, YouTube will show your ads to the child, based on their parent’s interests.” This becomes very apparent when you look at the “where ad showed” report and see that a large chunk of your impressions were served on channels such as Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes or Little Kelly Minecraft. This is avoided with KK BOLD’s placement-based approach to YouTube advertising.

If the client we are advertising for doesn’t have a content focus that is super niche, KK still placement-targets their ads. Bridget targets news channels and video podcasters; content that adults are interested in. She adds that Google Ads also allows her to choose news as a placement tool but then go in and weed out certain channels she knows won’t work for her intended audience. For example, Google Ads may choose news channels that are more entertainment based or celebrity gossip and she can remove just those channels.

Many people will say they don’t watch YouTube, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find out that yes, they actually do use it for things like DIY home improvement projects or to fix an appliance, even auto repairs. There are also some big ag-based channels which would interest a certain segment of North Dakotans. Auto repair channels are a great place for advertising auto dealers and ag channels are a smart choice for advertising for banks and credit unions.

Another great thing about YouTube is that you pay per completed view, you often get brand awareness even when you don’t pay for the ad. Impressions are only paid for if the video is watched in its entirety, or at least 30 seconds of a longer video. So when a person watches 25 seconds of a 30 second ad, you get that impression for free. Users also can’t skip before 5 seconds have elapsed, so we create videos that get the brand up front or have content in those first 5 seconds that is interesting enough to get the viewer to continue watching until they find out what the ad is about.

What YouTube isn’t though, is a set it and forget it type of marketing. It takes lots of monitoring to do it right. Bridget is constantly checking and tweaking client campaigns to make sure view rate is what she wants or to choose different categories or specific channels to make sure the campaigns are optimized for maximum performance.

YouTube marketing works a bit differently from other social media opportunities, but it has a solid place in a well-rounded marketing campaign. KK BOLD can help you get the most value and return by using it to its biggest potential.