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Wherein we release Elise upon an unsuspecting world

The slow, steady drumbeat of the passage of time continues on unending, as does the introduction of new employees here at KK BOLD. Both of them have a pretty good rhythm to them, and are easy to dance to. So there’s that.

Next up on the docket is our new digital media specialist Elise Janine Braun, who was the first to voluntarily give up her middle name for her bio. Good for her. Elise graduated from NDSU with a major in Marketing and Management and a minor in Spanish (muy calieante, por favor, chimichanga, other Spanish words).

This is Elise’s self-professed “first adult job” (which, incidentally, welcome to adulthood, it’s a lot of fun, as you’ll find out), but she interned for Lifetouch Photography, Border States Electric and Avenue Right during college and was hired at KK BOLD at the beginning of October last year. Which puts her exactly at six months into adulthood. Cake is called for.

Elise grew up in Bismarck and graduated from Bismarck High School in 2010. “I love to travel,” Elise says, “and backpacked Europe this past summer, before returning to Bismarck.” That makes us very envious just writing it. Not so much the backpacking part. That sounds like exercise. But the traveling, that would be cool.

Our welcome to Elise and our promise as a workplace to all be equally as entertaining as a backpacking trip across Europe. Which is a tall order, admittedly, but we think we’re up to the task. Either way, we’re pleased to have Elise aboard, and equally as pleased that that last sentence sort of rhymed.