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When Event Planning Becomes Perilously Close to Wedding Planning


It’s wedding season! What does that mean? Well, it means there are a number of brides and event planners managing budgets, organizing timelines and planning around a specific design concept. Wait? That sounds an awful lot like what KK BOLD does on a daily basis to meet all of their clients’ marketing needs! Especially because KK BOLD manages accounts like the North Dakota State Fair and Norsk Høstfest!

What could events like the North Dakota State Fair, which attracts people from around the region to showcase 4-H and FFA projects, take in carnival rides and fair food, as well as experience some of the hottest summer concerts, have to do with wedding planning? And what could Norsk Høstfest, a festival which attracts people from all over the world to experience Scandinavian culture, traditions, entertainment, and authentic food, have to do with wedding planning? Well, it’s not necessarily what happens AT these events that relates to wedding planning, but rather what happens behind the scenes.

KK BOLD works closely with organizations such as the North Dakota State Fair and Norsk Høstfest to ensure the marketing and advertising side of their event runs smoothly and seamlessly. The beginning stage of these events starts with a design concept, or “look.” Our creative team is committed to creating one-of-a-kind looks for these events every year which embody the overall feel/vision/concept that the client is looking for. From there, we tailor all of our marketing efforts around this “look.”

With every event, there is a timeline. For these clients, we work with them to ensure our marketing efforts work in line with their timeline. The account executive and media buyers work closely to guarantee marketing efforts match when lineups are announced, tickets go on sale and right up to the event date.

Lastly, and in some respects, most importantly, we have budgets. Managing a budget for anything in life is a necessary means for success. The account executive and administrative team work to ensure we are in line with the budget our clients have allotted at all times. While we won’t add “number-cruncher” to our job description, we could add “spreadsheet master” due to this process!

All of these processes are very similar to planning a wedding. Every bride has a vision, an idea of what will make her big day perfect! From there, her wedding planner takes the lead to make that idea a reality. I bet our creative team had no idea they had so much in common with wedding planners! (Note from the creatives: Nope. We honestly had no idea.) Now, as a wedding planner, your timeline consists a lot more of “when will the cake be delivered, when does the bridal party need to arrive, what time will dinner be served” and so on.

Although the timeline concept is similar, we can guarantee our vendor meetings do not consist of cake tastings and flower picking! Managing a wedding budget doesn’t always include spreadsheets and number crunching, but let’s just say the best wedding planners do.

Ashley Eggl is an account executive at KK BOLD and is sending these invitations back because these envelopes are clearly off white and not eggshell like she requested.