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What Drives Your Marketing?

Is it a website? Ticket sales? Print campaigns? Billboard campaigns? Digital media campaigns? Social media campaigns?

What if you use a third party ticket seller for a portion of your online sales, like Ticket Master, E-Tix or StubHub?

How do you track performance of your sales when a user buys from a third party website instead of directly from your website?

Enter Google Tags Manager, commonly referred to as GTM.

GTM is a tag management system that allows you to quickly and easily update measurement codes or related code fragments without having to modify code on your website or mobile app. It is also useful for tracking a customer’s journey through your website.

What if you have 50 people add a product to your shopping cart but only one made it to the purchase page and filled out the online purchase? A tag management system can track that journey.

What if you want to track specific button clicks throughout your website? Whether it be a specific page like the “Contact Us” page, or a specific button like the “Purchase” button, a tag management system can track that as well.

GTM marketing tags improve the accuracy of your analytics system, creating higher quality reports in Google Analytics, putting you in the driver’s seat to better understand your online audience. GTM does this by creating tags to follow your customers journey and report that data back to you.

  • Fast deployment of tracking codes
  • All tags controlled in one place
  • Troubleshooting and testing made easy
  • Simple event tracking
  • It’s FREE
  • It’s secure

To be efficient and effective with marketing budgets, KK BOLD uses GTM to understand who the customers are and how they move through a site.

Carter Tomac, is an Account Executive for KK BOLD. He can help you gain more insight into your online audience. His phone is always on (except when he’s rock climbing).