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We’re Back, Baby!

It’s been more than a year of extraordinary changes in the marketing world. As the world changes due to the pandemic, we needed to change with it. And then just when we thought we’d be able to start predicting what’s to come, we were turning on a dime again when things moved quicker than anticipated.

KK BOLD knew that live entertainment was coming back and that eventually the reduced capacity shows and mask wearing requirements would ease, but it came sooner than we expected and we are more than excited to be back to marketing full capacity shows to our clients!

We’re currently seeing the pent up demand for entertainment at an even greater amount than we were expecting. We are no longer seeing the postponements and cancellations from entertainers that had become expected — and we are here for it! Many of our clients are seeing very strong, record-breaking attendance with no signs of it slowing down.

KK BOLD President LaRoy Kingsley adds, “You don’t realize how fun it is to promote live events until you lose it. As always, being flexible and able to change direction quickly with your marketing program is important. We find we’re adjusting and fine-tuning messaging on an almost daily basis and marketing plans that were written only 4 months ago have already had major updates. It’s an exciting time.”

Can’t argue with that! KK BOLD is looking forward to a brighter looking future and more and more entertainment opportunities.