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Video Killed the Radio Star

Video production at KK BOLD has become busier and busier with nearly a dozen video shoots scheduled in just a few months. The use of video continues to become more important within the marketing mix due to its use across so many mediums including TV, online and social media as well.

Being this busy means we have had to rely heavily on several talented video production crews including The Creative Treatment, D&N Cinematics, Threefold and Quantum Productions, just to name a few.

Internally we handle the bulk of the editing along with motion graphics and design. Julius Acena our AV Editor/Producer had more experience with editing then directing when he started at KK. He directed long form films like documentaries but hadn’t directed advertising. He enjoys video production at KK BOLD because it allows him to go through the entire project from start to finish.

He says, “In a way it’s like putting together puzzle pieces. Parts of it are more calculated than creative. As a producer I get to be more hands on in the project versus when I’m just editing video after the shoot. I’m involved from the mere concept, to the planning stage, to reaching out to vendors and seeing the video shoot through to the editing of the final product.”

It’s clearly Julius’s calling, because his work is phenomenal. KK BOLD has several finished spots to show off this year and many yet to come as well. Viva Video!