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TV Goes Smoke-Free at Nisqually Red Wind Casino


Smoke-free’s the way to be, we can agree. Sorry about all the rhyming there, but the general gist is that smoke-free gaming is a big plus for casinos these days, and when you have the largest smoke-free gaming area in your entire region, you want to advertise it. That exact scenario is the case for Nisqually Red Wind Casino. So they do want to advertise that fact via the television medium, and KK BOLD was more than happy to help.

We created two new TV spots for Red Wind, one continuing their existing Redder Than Ever campaign, and one promoting the smoke-free area. These TV spots follow the same premise as the last TV campaign – things are better when they’re redder at Red Wind. The Redder Than Ever ad features a woman trying on sunglasses at an eyeglasses store, before discovering a pair of red sunglasses that magically whisk her off to Red Wind. And the smoke-free ad had two men grilling in their backyards; one overcooks his steak and is overwhelmed by smoke, while the other has a perfectly grilled, smokeless steak on his grill, which happens to have the Red Wind logo seared into it, and then he too ends up at Red Wind, with tongs still in hand. Both ads are viewable below.

KK BOLD hired a Seattle-based TV production studio, Hand Crank Films, to help produce, shoot and edit the spots. Our creative director, AV staff and VP all flew out to Washington to oversee the shoot, and worked closely with the staff at Hand Crank Films throughout the process. The end result was two spots that Red Wind is happy with, we’re happy with and presumably TV viewers in the Olympia, WA region will be happy to watch.

The new campaign was successfully launched immediately following the election. It was, as you would imagine, like a breath of fresh air working with Red Wind and Hand Crank Films to make these new TV spots. Our congratulations go out to them (and to us) for the work that we’re all very proud of. We would urge everyone, breathe it all in. You’ll agree that we are all out of breathing-related puns to end this story with.

Check out the completed commercials below:

RWC BBQGrill Nov2016 REV1 Vimeo from KK BOLD on Vimeo.

RWC RedSunglasses Nov2016 REV1 Vimeo from KK BOLD on Vimeo.