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Three New Sites to Assist with Healthy Living

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KK BOLD recently launched a trio of healthcare-related websites. All three sites involved a redesign and redeployment, taking content from older versions.

The duration of the development of the new fdhu.org site may be a record-holder for KK BOLD. We started working on the site in 2019 and were ready for client feedback in early 2020. But then something happened that made it pretty much impossible for the First District Health Unit to deal with anything other than providing services. And that issue continued for an extended duration. We’ve blocked out that time period and refuse to look back, so we can’t really remember what was going on, but once they had time, the rest of the process went as smooth as a silk face mask!

When it came to developing a new site for midtowndentalbismarck.com, we decided to evaluate whether there was truth in advertising with their name: Midtown – Located in the heart of the city. – check Dental – Passionate about delivering quality dental care. – check Bismarck – Unfortunately, this test failed – Midtown Dental Bismarck is neither covered in a chocolate glaze nor filled with white buttercream frosting. We decided to overlook this glaring bit of false advertising and build them a great new site anyway. And we’re glad we did, because someone explained the Bismarck thing to us later.

The North Dakota Long Term Care Association represents nursing facilities, basic care facilities and assisted living facilities across North Dakota. When it was time for a more modern site that was easy to update, they checked in with us. We took short-term care of their needs and got them set up with a pretty quick turnaround. And we’ll provide long-term care as we move forward, with website hosting, server monitoring, regular updates and maintenance. All delivered with our friendly attitude and prompt response times. Check out the site at ndltca.org.