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Three Clients Have Us Do the Redo that We Do So Well

It’s not voodoo, but our website redesigns are still fairly mystifying! We recently reworked three sites for existing clients: bowmannd.com, grandrivercasino.com and ptrm.org.

Bowman County Development Corporation – bowmannd.com

This client should really be named “Bowman County Development Corporation, City of Bowman, Bowman County, City of Gascoyne, Bowman Chamber of Commerce, City of Rhame, Bowman Parks and Recreation, and City of Scranton” but that’s too long.
We’ve worked with the Bowman group for many years. When it was time for a refresh, they once again chose us to do the development. The new site features multiple landing pages that give a homepage-type feel to each entity. The various groups all have access to edit their content. This all makes the site act like several sites in one. But the solid branding presence, combined with joint features they can all use, brings several entities into one site.
When all is said and done, the site gives a fresh look and feel to the Bowman region. Check it out for yourself at bowmannd.com

Grand River Casino and Resortgrandrivercasino.com

KK BOLD has been the agency of record for Grand River Casino since 2002 and we’ve created many, many websites for them over the years. Our newest iteration came just a few months ago. This time, we switched over to something easier to manage and that also reflects the current web design trends. We incorporated gradient colors, parallax movement and video.
Grand River’s site content is constantly changing with promotions and specials, so as the web evolves and new products become available, it only makes sense to update. Both KK and Grand River felt an update to something more fun and playful would be a great idea for 2021. Their site is very information heavy, since the property is extensive, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Check it out to see if you agree at grandrivercasino.com!

Pioneer Trails Regional Museumptrm.org

A client for over ten years, the museum has Archaeology, Paleontology, Botany, Anthropology, Astronomy and Genealogy research and displays, as well as collections relating to local history. We worked with them to perform a site redesign that gave them a much more modern feel, as well as the ability to refresh the site’s content at the same time.
The site gives information about the museum and has updated photography and video. It also allows visitors to find out how to volunteer, become a member or donate. The results speak for themselves at ptrm.org!