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There’s a whole lot of media going on with Taco John’s.

The tastiest media strategy on KK BOLD’s plate is for Taco John’s. The strategy behind Taco John’s marketing includes a mix of traditional and digital media. Having a presence on traditional mediums, such as broadcast TV and cable is necessary for a fast food restaurant, but moving into the online world is imperative to their campaign’s overall success.

We use more familiar online mediums such as Pandora and YouTube, but we also target taco-loving consumers via behavioral targeting and mobile targeting. We say “taco-loving” like there are people out there who don’t love tacos! No really, is there anyone who doesn’t love tacos? Because, that’s just not right.

Behavioral targeting allows us to better pinpoint an audience likely to perform the action that will help us attain our goal. For any Taco John’s restaurant, that goal would be selling the maximum amount of tacos possible, i.e. “peak taco” (we just made that term up, incidentally).

With mobile targeting, we are able to target a particular audience by location rather than by behavioral traits. Daypart scheduling is yet another method for targeting consumers, which allows us to take those behavioral and location-targeted audiences and customize a message that’s most likely to cause a reactionary response during a specific time of day. To simplify it, think of it as being like an automatic taco delivery system, that delivers tacos with precision and skill to the people who most want tacos at exactly the moment that they want them. Boy, that would be something. Why isn’t that a thing?

By using these versatile mediums, we are able to meet the consumer wherever they are, with strategic messages that will result in the highest return on investment. In other words, strategize messages in order to optimize sales. Through this process, we are able to test out different strategies and then review sales reports to see which strategies work best and which need to continue to be tweaked.

So, the takeaway here is… tacos.

Mmmmm, tacos.