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The man, the myth, the legend.

Kalvin Kingsley, KK BOLD’s Vice President of IT, recently celebrated 20 years with us. 

Kalvin oversees all aspects of IT within the company and is head of our web development department. More specifically, he collaborates as account manager with clients and designers in the development of new websites and provides technical support to clients and staff. Anyone who has worked with Kalvin knows you can absolutely count on him to get you the answers you need and to get the job done.

“I clearly remember when I hired Kalvin. We were opening K2 Interactive, our web services division, and I knew I needed people I could trust to build it for me,” says KK BOLD President LaRoy Kingsley. He adds, “He had a natural understanding of the industry and was an easy first choice.”

Kalvin knows the technical nitty-gritty of getting things done, making him essential to our agency and our clients. He is a master at the art of explaining even the most complicated web development intricacies in understandable terms, leaving clients confident in their web development decisions.

“I wear a lot of different hats at KK BOLD. Each day is different. Sometimes I am tech support, other times account manager. Maybe I’m a supervisor in the morning and putting together a website proposal in the afternoon. It keeps things interesting,” says Kalvin. This still doesn’t explain his giant foam cowboy hat.

We would be remiss to celebrate Kalvin without mentioning the daily dose of dad jokes he imparts to staff or his now infamous repertoire of movie quotes. KK would not be bold without him.