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The Herd is the Word

At KK BOLD, we like to extol the many virtues of brand consistency, where everything in a client’s campaign looks and works together. Like a hairstyle or the carpet in your living room, however, sometimes a little update is due. But as fun as it is to shave your head or bulldoze your house and start from scratch, it doesn’t have to be quite so dramatic.

One of our recent brand refreshes was for Western Cooperative Credit Union, a community-driven financial institution with a number of locations in western North Dakota. We kept their iconic logo and action-spurring “Join the herd.” tagline, but created new design elements, fresh headlines and copy, and an updated color palette inspired by what’s used in their lobbies.

The WCCU campaign is divided into four categories — overall branding, Kasasa, ag loans and home loans — and each quadrant got its own color for print, online and social media, and also complementary TV and radio. The campaign also has pieces for several subcategories such as account perks, personal loans and auto loans. We also made sure the updates worked in black and white so they can continue to support the region’s smaller local papers and reach their readers.

The look is fresh, but still very much Western Cooperative Credit Union, and in the world of branding, that’s the best of both worlds.