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The Art of Flexible Marketing

Marketing has never been the type of business you can accomplish if you aren’t constantly adjusting. But in 2020, the level of flexibility and adaptability needed to be successful at any business has taken a extreme jump. And that doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon.

Businesses have had to adjust to closings and re-openings, plus laws and mandates on capacity and changes of operating hours. They’ve had to reinvent how they do business from the moment the customer arrives at their door. Woven through all those changes is their marketing. Now more than ever they need to reach and connect with potential customers.

Even as we look toward an increasingly optimistic future for business in 2021, marketing will continue to need adjustments. Entertainment-based businesses, especially tourism and the hospitality industries are looking well ahead. Competition for market share will be aggressive as more of the country opens up and people begin to feel safe traveling. In fact, this marketing has already begun.

If you wait for the first or second quarter of next year to create a marketing plan and execute it, you’ll be lagging behind your competition and missing opportunities. The time to plan is now, but build your plans to be flexible. As marketers, we’re used to motion, but if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that plans change.