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Ten a Penny: Penny Blotsky Completes Tenth Year at KK BOLD

Strike up the band, because we’ve added yet another member to the KK BOLD Ten Year Club (Again, we assure you this an actual thing with laminated member cards and a treehouse we meet in bimonthly and everything) with our Media Buyer Penny Blotsky having completed her tenth year of employment at KK BOLD. She would now join Ted Hanson and Stephanie Schoenrock in having a decade named after her, except that her decade would be called the Pennycade, which sounds a little too close to famous online comic Penny Arcade, and we do not wish to be sued for name infringement. So sorry, Penny.

Penny began work at KK BOLD on June 6, 2005. Previously in her linear life cycle, she was born and grew up in Devils Lake and graduated from University of Mary with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications/English. She then worked in community access television and at other local TV stations before joining the BOLD roster.

Penny has “3 great kids” and an unspecified amount of terrible children. She loves the following bulleted list of things:

• Taking kids hunting and fishing
• Reading and hanging out on deck with friends
• Coffee
• Football
• Breathing oxygen

Penny says that she is “kinda the softie of the agency when it comes to stray cats,” obviously forgetting all about our A/V Producer Tyler Schmalz. “I think I’ve adopted/found homes for 4 or 5 of them now – 3 of which came from co-workers.” She says that she’s “kinda ok at my job” (Ed. note: For crying out loud, Penny, you’ve been here for 10 years. Cut out the fake modesty and do a little braggarting like the rest of us.) That’s because she’s “a good multi-tasker, and because I work with good people/coworkers/vendors/clients.” She also claims to be pretty good at Christmas party games, but that’s probably just because she cheats. Blatantly and frequently.

Congratulations from everyone at KK BOLD to Penny for her first ten years at KK BOLD, and pre-congratulations for the next ten years while we’re at it. Have any stories/potential for blackmail to share about Penny? Leave them in the comments for future extortion usage. And enjoy the first day of the coming Pennycade, if we were calling it that, which we are not.