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Targeting Talent

When trying to fill open job positions in today’s world, what’s the smartest way to make sure the best fits apply?

Traditionally, you simply put a job listing in the local newspaper and called it a day. More recently, you would make sure your open positions were listed on your website and job sites like Monster, CareerBuilder and Indeed.

Those are all well and good, but there’s another way that can really get the job done — targeted online Talent Attraction Campaigns (TAC), and KK BOLD can help. Rather than people seeking job opportunities, we bring the opportunities to them. Using online and social media channels, and a high level of targeting and targeted messaging, we’re able to advertise the job openings right to the right people. Less waste, more better!

Along with the targeting, we’re able to use measurement tools to track results and evaluate effectiveness. We can even test different messages and adjust accordingly. And to take the campaign to the next level, we can create video to really break through the clutter and noise.

Our TAC efforts have proven to work for a number of our clients like Missouri Slope, Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC and Prairie Knights Casino and Resort. Will you be our next success story? There’s only one way to find out.