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Tales From The Front: KK BOLD’s Front Office Team

When you walk in the door at KK BOLD, what’s the first thing you see? Well, the door, obviously. But what’s the second thing? The stairs, right. But the third thing? The front desk. And behind the front desk you’ll find our administrative assistant Alicia Mitzel and assistant office manager Sharene Haux, our front office staff overseen by our vice president of operations Jackie Hawkinson.

Sharene joined KK BOLD in September 2014. Previously, she worked as an office manager at a Bismarck architectural firm and assistant to the director at BisMan Transit. She has a graduate degree in Advertising Art. Sharene and her husband Wayne have two sons and one grandson, who is two months old. Their “furry family” includes two adopted dogs, Abby, a German Shepard, Coco Chanel, a Yorkshire Terrier, and a cat named BeBe.

In her off time, Sharene says she “eats, sleeps and LIVES/LOVES baseball”. She and Wayne travel to a couple of Chicago Cubs games every year, either to San Diego where Sharene has family or Chicago. She also loves to play outdoors in the dirt. She has 300 perennials in her flower garden.

Alicia has been at KK BOLD since October 2013. She worked at St. Alexius for eight years prior to joining KK BOLD. She’s been married to her husband since 2010, and they have one son. They also have a black lab named Shadow. Alicia is from Bismarck and is a graduate of Century High School. Her hobbies outside of work include shopping and snowboarding, and she also loves to go for walks.

So now that you know all about Alicia and Sharene, you’re all set to strike up a conversation next time you visit the KK BOLD Bismarck office or call us on the phone. They’re both very friendly, except for when timesheets are due at the office, in which case they are relentless, unyielding and oddly frightening for two tiny ladies. But if you’re not five days behind on your timesheets like certain people currently writing this article, they’re both very pleasant, very intelligent workers who are both valuable assets to the KK BOLD team. So say hi.