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Steph’s Tenth: Stephanie Schoenrock completes 10 years at KK BOLD

We’ve added another member to the KK BOLD Ten Year Club (Yes, that’s a thing. We have a clubhouse and member decoder rings and everything.) with our Vice President Stephanie Schoenrock having crossed over the decade threshold. She now joins Ted Hanson in having a decade named after her, which in this particular case will be known officially as the Stephcade.

Steph started working at KK BOLD on December 6, 2004 as Director of Regional Operations. (“I still don’t really know what that title means,” Steph says, which is ridiculous, because it obviously means that she was in charge of directing the operations that were regional. Or something. We don’t know what it means either.)

Steph grew up on a ranch outside of Bismarck. “I have a great appreciation for the outdoors and nature,” Steph says. Possibly these two facts are related somehow. Steph has always been involved in marketing. She started in DECA in high school, competed at nationals and that’s when marketing really got into her blood, she says. Which, incidentally, ew.

As anyone who’s ever had to be teammates with Steph at the annual KK BOLD summer picnic in any sort of sporting activity can tell you, she has a highly competitive nature. “I grew up competing on my horse at the age of 6. I learned that the blue ribbon goes to the best person in the arena. And the best is the person who practices the most and works the hardest.” Steph says her favorite clients are the ones who are aggressive and want to take out the competition. Again, if it has not already been stressed enough, Steph is very competitive. Almost to the point of some of us being still slightly afraid of her after having teamed with her and caused her to come in dead last at ladder golf in 2006.

Reflecting on her ten years at KK BOLD, Steph says that she’s most grateful to her coworkers. “The KK BOLD staff has built a culture of excellence,” she says. She says her favorite place on earth (other than KK BOLD, obviously) is on the lake, with an 8 mph wind, 79 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, in the boat with her two dogs, her husband and a fishing rod in her hand, and not another boat in sight. And no cell phone coverage. Because cell phones can be very irritating.

“Stephanie is an amazing spark for our team,” says KK BOLD president LaRoy Kingsley. “Her drive for excellence keeps the entire agency at the top of their game. KK BOLD has grown a lot in the past 10 years and Steph is a huge part of our success. Congrats and thank you”.

Congratulations from all of us at KK BOLD to Steph, for her first ten years at KK BOLD. Have any embarrassing anecdotes to share about Steph? Leave them in the comments for future blackmail usage. We could certainly use the leverage, just in case she follows through on that threat to break our foot for being so ridiculously terrible at ladder golf.