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Snapchatters and the Path to Purchase

I never thought I would be writing articles about social media. After all I’m a Gen Xer. I have done my share of online shopping, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t recall ever seeing an ad and purchasing from the ad. But, my favorite brand always shows up on my desktop after I have purchased something. I am a brand person — I love brands. 😉

I have a Gen Z daughter, and since working in the social media world for over a year, I’m interested in articles that relate to her generation and how their shopping behaviors are evolving. After all, I should get to know my daughter, right? What I do know about her is she is on Snapchat A LOT!

Today’s consumers are turning to their phones at every touch point of the purchase process. Smartphones are the most used tool for sharing and gathering information on the path to purchase. Snapchat is a two-way conversation and that is what Millennials and Generation Z use the most.

Here are some interesting facts about Millennials and Gen Z on Snapchat. 39% of Snapchatters consult their friends and family for purchase advice. 35% send snaps of products they are interested in while browsing online. In fact, Snapchatters are using Snapchat while shopping 58% more than while on Facebook. And, Snapchatters are two times more likely to share a moment or reaction about their purchase.

Together, Millennials and Generation Z have spending power. They are a valuable audience that is hard to reach and whose attention is hard to maintain, but on Snapchat, we’ve got their attention.

Ever thought about advertising your brand on Snapchat? Give us a call.

Monique Kingsley
Social Media Director (and sucker for her daughter’s Snapchat purchase requests)