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Six Tips for Staying Ahead of the Facebook Algorithm Change


An upcoming Facebook algorithm change will prioritize content from friends, family and groups, making posts from businesses, brands and media less likely to be seen.

As a marketer, how can you make sure customers continue to see your content? These six tips will help you maintain contact with your biggest Facebook fans.

Tip 1: Ask followers to see your posts first.
Ask your followers to go to your business page and choose the “See First” option under the “Following” tab.

Tip 2: Say goodbye to “Like this post.”
Remove “Like this post” and “Share this post” from your Facebook vocabulary. These posts will no longer show up in your customers’ news feeds.

Tip 3: Focus on customer interaction.
Organic or paid, your overall goal should be to post content customers will interact with by commenting on the post and starting a conversation with you.

Tip 4: Ask for customer feedback.
Encourage customers to share positive interactions with your employees or products on your page. The more they feel like you value their opinions, the more they will interact with your content.

Tip 5: Remember that quality is more important than quantity.
Because of this algorithm update, it will be more effective to craft three or four posts customers will interact with each week than to post daily content to your page.

Tip 6: Use Facebook Live more, but only when appropriate.
When you go live on Facebook, it notifies your fans, and livestreaming receives six times the engagement of regular video. Plus, only 28 percent of marketers are now using Facebook live. Some of the appropriate uses include: being behind the scenes at an event; hosting a Q & A, contest or challenge; providing a demo or how-to guide; covering a conference or event; or launching a product.

Changes to the Facebook algorithm will take place over the next few months, but now is the best time to be proactive about staying connected with your customers.

Want to know more? Google “Facebook algorithm change.” It’s creating quite a stir in the online world.