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Shiny New Websites

Casino Oklahoma and Gold River Casino

Lenape Entertainment, Inc. was looking to freshen up the websites for two of their properties – Casino Oklahoma and her sister location, Gold River Casino. With our wealth of experience with Native American casinos, KK BOLD was the perfect choice to help. During our planning phase, we made a decision. Since the two websites would end up being very similar in look, functionality and available content, we would build one of the websites top-to-bottom and get it completely finished. Then we would duplicate that website and make the appropriate changes to look, specific content and so on. This allowed us to make two high-end websites for two high-end gaming properties but keep the costs down to only slightly more than what one website would cost.

North Dakota Parks and Recreation

The North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department, the North Dakota Information Technology Department and KK BOLD worked hand-in-hand to bring about a great new website for ND Parks and Rec. When it became clear that the Parks and Rec Department wanted their look to be a bit more than the standard, KK BOLD was brought in to provide design services. ITD was able to combine our great designs with their website platform, and the result is an awesome new place for outdoor enthusiasts to learn about all our great state has to offer.


“The cobbler’s children have no shoes” is an old saying about the irony of how a maker of shoes would not be able to provide footwear for his own family. The phrase comes to mind when we think about the new website we made for ourselves. Since we (mostly) only work on projects for ourselves when we have time between our clients’ projects, our own website redesign was like the cobbler’s children. We finally set aside some time and managed to launch our new version recently. Check it out – we think it’s better than a new pair of shoes.