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Rebranding for the Future

Rebranding a 50-year-old institution with a stellar reputation is never an easy task. Still, Missouri Slope Lutheran Care Center and their assisted living facility, Valley View Heights, needed to do just that. In April of 2019, they approached us here at KK BOLD and explained their plans for a brand-new state-of-the-art facility they were planning, and that bringing the three properties under one unified brand was what they wanted to achieve.

After agreeing on the direction with CEO Reier Thompson, we began with a series of discovery sessions with board members, staff leadership and other stakeholders. Based on our findings, we presented several name options. It was decided through a thorough process that the entire organization would become Missouri Slope, with each specialty area having its own designation, such as “Assisted Living at Missouri Slope.” This option allowed for a lot of flexibility while maintaining enough of the existing brand to capitalize on its strength.

We then began work on the new logo and graphics standards and updating and redesigning a vast number of projects, including a new website, signage, and print and video material. We also embarked on developing a top-flight social media presence that can be used for general awareness as well as talent recruitment.

Missouri Slope also launched a capital campaign for the future north campus location. The new campus will be designed to meet and exceed the future of the needs of residents, and also employ hundreds of skilled professionals.

To help Missouri Slope ensure that everyone in the area knows about all the great changes, we have also launched branding and capital campaigns utilizing both traditional and digital media. Watch their progress by liking them on Facebook!