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Prairie Knights Gets New Footage

In June of this year we headed out to Prairie Knights Casino and Resort to get some new video and photos of the property. KK BOLD needed new footage to freshen up the look of the casino’s marketing, but also wanted to highlight some updates made to the property. These updates included new slot machines, lodge room furniture and RV sites.

We used D&N Cinematics for video and Reistroffer Design for photos and the shoot lasted four days, the first half for photos and the second for video. Talent was hired for parts of the shoot. This shoot was different in several respects from prior shoots. We flew a drone camera inside the casino for a fresh perspective as well as experimented with a ladder cam, and used a probe lens for some macro shots. This type of lens allows you to get up close, but still get a wide shot. We also used a ARRI Alexa Mini LF camera for the first time. The camera is a high-end digital cinema camera used exclusively for feature films and high-end commercials.

This shoot also included many shots of backplates, which are the videos that play in the background while promotion graphics are overlaid into the commercial.

Along with the fresh footage, Prairie Knights also recently got a new website! Along with a design refresh, we were able to use some of the new footage from the shoot for new video features on the site, as well as add more movement in general to the site as a whole.

New photos, video and design are not only fun for Prairie Knights and KK BOLD, but are a necessary component to keeping audiences engaged and coming back for more. It’s all a part of effective marketing — That’s what we do.