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Pivotal Edge Makes Pivotal Changes to Website

A longtime client of KK BOLD, Pivotal Edge is the manufacturer of ground operated manhole covers for tanks and trailers. With a groundbreaking product, Pivotal Edge also needed a groundbreaking website to spotlight it. So when they needed a recent site redesign, BOLD had just the kind of Edge they needed.

KKB_PivotolEdge Website


When we began the project, the goal was to make the site work well for people even if they didn’t speak English, and also even if they were on a smartphone.

About the dynamic product and why it needs a dynamic website

Pneumatic trailer trucks are used worldwide to haul dry bulk products (sand, coal, etc.). Most of these trucks require the driver to get up on top of the trailer to open the top manually. The Pivotal Edge product makes it so the top can be opened and closed remotely from the ground. Thus, a lot of the interest in their product comes from word of mouth from other truck drivers. When they pull up in line and climb up on the trailer to open their cover and see the guy in the truck in front of them just hops out and pushes a button and his cover is open. And they say, “Wow! My company needs to buy one of those. Or one of those for each truck in our fleet!” So they look at the name on the part on the truck ahead, it says Pivotal Edge, they Google it on a smartphone, they end up on the Pivotal Edge website, and they email the link to their parts dealer and say, “We need this.”

So that’s what we customized the website for. In addition to the above goals, we wanted to make the Part Ordering process a lot easier, so we added a schematic drawing of each piece of the system, so whether the driver speaks English or not, they can simply click on the part they need and it’ll give them a part number, without needing to explain that they need a replacement Castle Nut or something similar. They can, right on the website, add up all the parts they’re interested in, put them into a list, and then print, email or forward the list to their parts dealer for purchase. It’s intuitive, it’s easy, and it saves time.

The site is responsive and contains a robust content management system, also. You can see it all in action for yourself at thepivotaledge.com. Like their tagline says, put Pivotal Edge to work for you. And now, their website works for you as well.