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Peek Inside the 2019 Medora Campaign

Medora, ND is an iconic western destination filled with rich history and fun for travelers of all kinds. KK BOLD has had the pleasure of creating Medora’s summer campaign since 2012, and this year we asked Clay Hove, our Creative Director, to tell us about the new campaign and how the creative process began. “The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation has done a wonderful job balancing the ‘something old, something new’ destination thing, and it’s our job to help them communicate that through advertising”, Clay says. “We stay true to the historic Medora brand, but we also work to keep it fresh. We want people to know that, whether they’re a Medora first-timer or a frequent flyer, they’re going to have a memorable experience.” 

The Medora shoot wrapped in early June and will be run for the 2019 summer season. Clay says, “Our goal through the summer campaign is to encourage the people who have never been to Medora, or those who have not been back for several years, to go check it out. I mean, how great is it that we have a fantastic attraction like Medora right here in North Dakota!? The answer is ‘Pretty darn great.’”

The Medora Musical runs through September 7, 2019.