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Nothing Gets Old at KK BOLD

Cool – you work at an ad agency? I bet that’s a lot of fun!

 I smile and nod my head in agreement. “Yes, it is,” I reply. But what’s really running through my head are the words, “If you only knew!?!

The truth is – working at KK BOLD is a lot of fun! That’s because there’s enough creative energy here to fill a football field.  … No – wait – make that a World Cup soccer stadium. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Any who, here’s the deal: When you combine the clever copywriters, graphic designer gurus, savvy social media strategists, web warriors and video wizards – well, there’s enough marketing magic in this agency to, well, make your head explode. KA BLAM!

But behind all the artistic types is a whole lot of marketing expertise, PR prowess, media-buying know-how, business sense and dedication to customer satisfaction. As a relative newcomer to agency work, here’s what I’ve learned so far … well not everything, but:

Listen First, Talk Later: Move over fast talkers. KK BOLD’s account executives and management team respect the expertise of our clients. After all, who knows your product better than you do? We take what you already know, and turn it just so, until it catches that little glimmer of sunlight that convinces customers they simply cannot LIVE without your product.

There is No “I” in Team: It takes a whole lotta people working together to make sure every “t” is crossed and “i” is dotted. That’s where highly skilled proofreaders come in. It also describes the system of checks and balances used to ensure that every audio, video, print and online piece meets our high standards and those of our clients.

It Takes a Village: Not just to raise a child, but to build a successful marketing agency. Our blend of seasoned veterans and fresh talent would make any family proud. When your frame of reference crosses several decades, you can meet just about any audience exactly where they live.

You Do the Math: WHO KNEW your middle school math teacher was right when he said you were going to “need this stuff someday.” In fact, there’s a lot of math in the marketing business. KKBOLD’s media buyers thrive on the challenge of getting the very best media buy for a client’s dollar (you can tell it by the twinkles in their eyes), and our production manager calculates and negotiates prices on everything from print pieces to fishing bobbers. No kidding, fishing bobbers.

Lead, Follow or Get out the Way: What is it that makes advertising so much fun? It’s the challenge of working in a dynamic environment where the competition is always nipping at your heels. That keeps your work fresh and, well, bold. As in KK BOLD. You don’t have to be seriously competitive to enjoy agency work, but it helps.

Yup, I’ve learned a lot in my first 10 months at KK BOLD. Mostly, though, I’ve learned that a successful advertising agency is part vision, part creativity, part business savvy and a whole lot of fun.

Now about the World Cup. Just think of the creativity a staff road trip would inspire! Wouldn’t that be a BOLD move?


Debra Anderson, KK BOLD PR Director, loves working with her team at KK BOLD but secretly wishes she was on her way to the World Cup Finals.