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North Dakota Lottery’s New Emerging Markets Campaign Looks Like A Winner

ND Lottery

You there! The one reading this e-newsletter. Yes, you! You know what you look like? You look like a winner! Now, we have no way of gauging that since we obviously can’t see you, since you put that sticker over the camera on your monitor. But we can still safely say you look like a winner because anyone (i.e. you) can be a winner, when you play the North Dakota Lottery. And that’s the concept for our recent Point – Of – Sale campaign for the Lottery. Allow us to explain.

We were asked to help the North Dakota Lottery with an “emerging markets” campaign. The emerging market, in this case, was that the Lottery wanted a campaign that would appeal to a more youthful demographic than typically plays the lottery. Thus, we approached this campaign different from others we’ve done in the past. We specifically looked for a message that was aimed at younger lottery players. And we found it with a pair of messages: “Look at this winner.” and “Anyone can win. Play today.”

Combining the messages with images of typical millennials, one male and one female, the overall theme was telling younger people anyone can win the Lottery, even you. It was simple and didn’t talk down to young people. It simply stated, “Hey, you could win. Anyone can. All you need to do is play.”

We are currently running digital billboards in Bismarck, Minot, Dickinson, Williston, Fargo, Grand Forks and Wahpeton. We are also running a social media campaign on Facebook. Versions of the “tattooed” girl and the “bearded” guy on billboards are rotating equally at all locations. And you can see the ads right at Point – Of – Sale wherever Lottery tickets are sold. In short, if you look around right now, you should see them.

So, hey, look at that! It looks like the North Dakota Lottery has a winner of a campaign on their hands. It was a fun campaign to work on, and we hope to do even more like it in the future with the Lottery. So don’t just sit there. Go buy yourself a ticket. Because anyone can win. Even you. Yes, you. The one that we’re looking at right now.[foogallery id=”4012″]