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Norsk Høstfest Unleashes Pure Scandimonium in 2014

In 2014, Norsk Høstfest was the Møstfest. It was certainly no Ghøstfest. Rather, it was more of a Grandiøsefest. New heights in attendance were achieved since 2010, younger demographics than ever before showed up, and KK BOLD was along for the ride. So as this year’s Norsk Høstfest had a lot of things of which they could Bøastfest, we thought we’d share just a few. Also, we’ve run out of words that rhyme with Høstfest, so no need to worry about that going forward.

2014 ticket sales were up for general admission at Norsk Høstfest, and The Great Hall of Vikings had near sellout levels for multiple performances for this year’s lineup, which included big name acts like Bill Engvall, Jennifer Nettles, Mergle Haggard, Doc Severinsen and Josh Turner with special guest Danielle Bradbery. En To Tre also had multiple sold out meal times in 2014.

Høstfest TV Ads

In 2014, KK BOLD helped Norsk Høstfest create a TV campaign with four connecting versions of :30 second spots. The ads we created all centered around the question of “Are you ready for Høstfest?” and featured the kinds of people you’d typically see at Høstfest in normal everyday situations, like on an elevator or in office place or out on the street.

See them for yourself:

Watch More on the Norsk Hostfest YouTube Channel.


Online and Social Media Play Huge Role

The Norsk Høstfest Facebook page increased by 2,030 likes from 2013’s event to October 10, 2014, putting it at a total of 7,226 likes. From May 1 to October 1, the page garnered 1.9 million impressions in targeted markets and reached 987,000 unique users. Video played a big role in the 2014 social media plan.  From May 1 to October, more than 13,600 minutes of Norsk Høstfest videos were watched, which was a 10,000 minute increase over the previous year.

More than 40,678 people visited Høstfest’s website at hostfest.com this year, according to Google Analytics. Mobile usage follows the national trend, with 1/3 of those visits accessed the website by a mobile device, a slight increase over 2013. Email marketing is one key for Hostfest marketing success.  KK BOLD revised the e-newsletter format to be more mobile friendly for 2014. Managing content and creating more than 25 individual e-newsletters from January through October was a top priority.

All together, it was a great year for Norsk Høstfest and we look forward to seeing how much better it gets next year. The Pure Scandimonium of Norsk Høstfest may be all finished for 2014, but we have a feeling 2015 will prove to be even more Scandimonius, assuming that that’s an actual thing.

Check out the festival advertising campaign assets here.