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Norsk Høstfest On-Sale Campaign is Really On Point

It’s July, and that can mean only one thing: Only three months until Norsk Høstfest! As Høstfest prepared for the announcement of the 2015 lineup and the opening day of ticket sales, they looked to institute a variety of changes, many with the able assistance of KK BOLD. We also assisted them with a marketing campaign leading into the on-sale date of May 18, to help build the excitement for this year’s festival festivities.

Høstfest is excited to be offering a $99 day pass for the first time in 2015. With the purchase of the day pass, you get a seat for that day’s 1pm show, general admission to the festival and a seat at the 7pm show that evening. This year is also the first time the opportunity to stand up and dance through an entire show has been offered, with a choice of reserved seating or standing room for The Band Perry performance. Høstfest made the changes due to feedback that people wanted to stand during some of the concerts. And finally, this year will also see a revised menu for En To Tre, as they eliminated the lunch buffet and updated dinner serving times to accommodate concert goers. The En to Tre menu will be announced in July via the website and enewsletter.

With those changes planned, it was then our responsibility to spread the word and get people excited for when they could purchase tickets on May 18.

Our on-sale campaign involved digital billboards, print ads, TV, radio, mobile and online display ads.  2015 is more digital than previous years with the addition of mobile display, in-app advertising, video preroll ads and digital billboards. We know that their core consumer is using multiple devices to consume media, so we made sure to get the on-sale date out to them via a variety of platforms.

The on-sale date has come and gone for Norsk Høstfest, and it was a resounding success with extremely high numbers across the board. Despite there being a snow storm on May 18 (this being North Dakota and all), Høstfest still had a customer drive from as far away as Montana to buy tickets in person on that day. They may have saved themselves some time and an extremely icy drive by buying their tickets online (which you can do right now at hostfest.com) but this particular customer had been buying them that way for 20 years. We think it’s an able display of Høstfest’s success in their 2015 on-sale campaign, and is a harbinger of packed houses for this year’s concerts. Visit hostfest.com for this year’s lineup and we’ll see you in Minot in three month’s time. Here’s hoping it doesn’t snow.