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Norsk Høstfest On Point With Their 2016 On-sale Date


If you like the simplicity of lefse, burly Vikings and overall Scandinavian heritage (and honestly, who doesn’t?), consider yourself also a fan of the Norsk Høstfest festival in Minot, North Dakota. This year’s performances feature legendary rock acts like Chicago and Neil Sedaka, along with the classic country melodies of Emmylou Harris and Dwight Yoakam. There are also newer country performers like Big & Rich and Sara Evans. And also, not to mention, international singing superstar Daniel O’Donnell and rock and roll legends Tommy James and the Shondells, though we mentioned them anyway because that is just what we do.

Tickets for this year’s Norsk Høstfest went on sale on May 17, which also happens to be Syttende Mai, Norway’s Constitution Day, which is a really big deal if you’re Norwegian, which if you happen to be one of our North Dakotan readers there is statistically a very good chance you just might be. If you’re not familiar, it’s sort of half 4th of July, half St. Patrick’s Day, except without fireworks or leprechauns. So nothing like those two holidays at all, really.

A big step in a successful on-sale campaign is a new design, and this year’s was highly praised, graciously accepted and other similar terms of endearment. The traditional (that’s a classier word for old school) font and Vikingesque (that’s not a word at all) silhouettes, along with traditional Norwegian flags in the background, all blended together to make the perfect, sufficiently Nordic design.

Every year, KK BOLD optimizes Norsk Høstfest’s advertising strategy based on the results from last year’s campaign. We review traffic to the website as well as social media stats and digital media results and then implement what we learned and continue to make adjustments to the media plan. This year, we used traditional media like TV, radio and newspaper, but mixed in more digital media, and produced inserts and direct mail to reach the largest potential festival goer audience. Social media played a role in driving people to the website to learn more about the festival and also raised awareness of all the performances happening at this year’s festival. As Facebook’s algorithm caters more to video, we utilized the commercials we created for television to reach more potential festival goers. Ticket giveaways for Big & Rich and Chicago were also a large contribution in reaching more people and driving overall engagement to the Norsk Høstfest Facebook page.

Overall, with all the strategic advertising efforts this year, website traffic and ticket sales are up from last year. Which is the goal. So here’s to us, and especially here’s to Norsk Høstfest. Happy Syttende Mai to all, everyone, everywhere.