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Nisqually Red Wind Casino Has A Winning 20th Winniversary

China is the traditional gift for the 20th anniversary. For a 20th Winniversary, we couldn’t tell you what the gift for that is. But since Nisqually Red Wind Casino in Olympia, WA is currently celebrating their 20th Winniversary all this May, we gave them a full marketing campaign. We even wrapped it nicely.

To celebrate their 20th Winniversary, Red Wind is giving away a total of $220,000 to their guests throughout the month of May. In one of those happy coincidences, the number of days in May that they planned on giving away all that cash added up to an even 20. So we tailored the tagline, “20 Years. 20 Drawing Days. $220,000.” From that came a full marketing campaign to get the word out everywhere in the Olympia area. That involved print ads, billboards, signage at the casino, online, radio and TV ads. This was a big, big deal for Red Wind, and it needed to be treated as such.

Since Red Wind’s Winniversary consisted of several different cash drawings throughout the entire month of May, we produced print ads, online ads, signages and e-newsletters for the entire Winniversary promotion and ones for each of the specific drawings. That added up to a lot of ads. We also produced gas pump videos for Winniversary to be played at local gas stations and viewed by people while they were filling up their gas tanks.

A big part of the campaign was the TV and radio spots we put together. We auditioned voice artists to do the voiceover for both radio and TV. Then we made a TV spot utilizing some of the biggest, brightest and best graphics we’ve ever featured in a TV spot. The end result was an especially polished piece of work that really stood out.

Red Wind’s Winniversary is going on right now, and the work we did on its marketing campaign is helping to make it into a real success with big numbers. So hopefully Red Wind liked what we gave them better than the gravy bowl we had previously picked out for their 20th.

Check out the Winniversary commercial here: