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Nisqually Red Wind Casino Completes Expansion; Never Been Redder, Thanks

When you’re Nisqually Red Wind Casino (which you are probably not, considering that casinos cannot read e-newsletters), the redder you are, the better. So following the completion of their extensive 20-month expansion and the launch of KK BOLD’s largest marketing campaign of all time to go with it, things are so, so much more redder at Red Wind that they may just change their name to Nisqually Redder Wind Casino (Ed. note – They are not changing their name.)

Following their expansion, Red Wind now has an additional 40,000 square feet of space added to their facility, more than 1,400 slot machines, a brand new seafood restaurant and remodels to their existing restaurants, which is all in addition to the new parking garage and smoke-free section that were already opened a few months ago. The gist is that Red Wind has put their best efforts towards making themselves better than they’ve ever been, and they expected us to do exactly the same with their marketing. So we did.

The overall expansion campaign was broken into two phases. The first phase coincided with the opening of the smoke-free area, and it utilized the “Bigger. Better. Redder.” tagline. Now with their entire expansion completed, we’ve entered into the campaign’s second phase with “Redder Than Ever.” Under that banner, we assisted Red Wind in an all-out marketing push that has included TV ads, radio spots, online and print ads, billboards, and everything else short of attaching tiny banners onto the backs of pigeons. All told, it’s not just some of the best work we’ve done for Red Wind, it’s some of the best work we’ve ever done.

The TV spots, in particular, were possibly the widest scale productions that we’ve ever produced. Tying in with the campaign’s theme, they depicted average people discovering that redder really is better when they are whisked away to Red Wind by a red balloon or by clicking the heels of their red shoes together. You can view the completed commercials below, along with some behind-the-scenes videos of the filming of the spots. They turned out exceptionally well and everyone involved is incredibly pleased with the effort.

The word is spreading like the wind throughout the state of Washington, which tends to be a very windy state on average. These are extremely exciting times for Nisqually Red Wind Casino and KK BOLD, and the advertising we’ve coordinated has certainly matched that level of excitement. As far as big, big deals go, this one ranks at or near the top, and we’re proud to say that things at Nisqually Red Wind Casino really are Redder Than Ever.