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Nikki Not Picky About Fifteen Spiffy Years at KK BOLD

Yes, spiffy doesn’t rhyme with Nikki. We know. We know.

As was previously alluded to in the not-entirely perfect rhyming scheme of the headline to this article, Nikki Sims, the Production Manager at KK BOLD, is celebrating her fifteenth year of gainful employment at KK BOLD. Which is terrificky! Dang it, that one would’ve rhymed. Should have used that one.

In celebration of her anniversary, we asked Nikki to compile a list of things about herself, because if there’s one thing Nikki really likes, it’s writing things out in a list form. Just read, she’ll confirm that fact for herself at the end. She’s really into paperwork and bureaucracy.

  • Bismarck — Born and raised (brief stint in Fargo, but I’m choosing to ignore that).
  • I’ve worked at KK BOLD. That’s it. (not counting my high school and college jobs).
  • 3 kids…boys. Busy, rowdy, wild and sometimes smelly, boys.
  • I have a husband too. Jesse. I’m pretty sure you’ve never met him…maybe? Doesn’t matter. He does exist. (Ed.note – I have not met him. But he does have the same name as my wife, which is a terrific irony.)
  • Oddly similar to Penny [Blotsky, our last e-news’ anniversary spotlight], I have a coffee addiction. Not sure if it’s because of my job or my kids. Maybe both. My large collection of Starbucks cups is quite sad.
  • In addition to my coffee addiction, I am fond of anything on HGTV or the Food Network. Obsession #2.  Oh, and Friday Night Lights…Obsession #3.  I need better hobbies (these are totally pitiful).
  • I like to-do lists. Lists may be Obsession #4.

There you go, fifteen years of that sparkling wit. Not being sarcastic. We like Nikki a lot, because she determines our work load and deadlines, and she tends to be very generous with both. Congratulations on fifteen years, Nikki. This place wouldn’t run nearly as quickey or slickey without you. Again, those are somewhat better than what we used. Darn it anyway.