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Nikki Comes Back, Kayce Goes North

Nikki & Kayce

The KK BOLD staff is a lot like a deck of cards, in that most of us wear large numbers on our person and the rest wear crowns and carry scepters all the time. But another way is that the deck gets reshuffled, so to speak, from time to time. Such is the case as of recent for Nikki Sims and Kayce Duncan. For both, major life changes affected them at work in ways quite profound, and also not very profound at all. Oooh, deep.

For Nikki, her major change was having a baby. “I had Brodey on May 12,” Nikki said, “and he’s boy #4 in our family (Carter, Peyton and Declan came ahead of him).” That means for the Sims family, only five more boys until they can start their own Major League Baseball team starting lineup. That’s already better than [INSERT YOUR LEAST FAVORITE BASEBALL TEAM NAME HERE] has.

“I had a great maternity leave,” Nikki added. “The timing of everything allowed me to spend the whole summer with all of my kids. All of them. All. Day. Long. (Kidding, it really was great…for the most part.)” If you couldn’t tell, she was not kidding. Asked if she was happy to be back at KK BOLD, she said, “I definitely am excited to be back in the office and having daily interaction with real-life grown-ups! I missed everyone and getting to settle back into a job I love has been great. I think Taylor (Kurtz, Nikki’s replacement for the summer) is happy I’m back…I think??” We were going to ask Taylor if she was, but she’s been in a coma for the last couple of weeks.

“KK BOLD has always been wonderful and understanding in allowing me (and others) the flexibility at work to balance home life and work life,” Nikki said. “It’s a huge benefit that is greatly appreciated!” Hey, no problem, Nikki. We didn’t have anything to do with it, but we’ll gladly take credit.

As for Kayce Duncan, the more eagle-eyed and less-better-things-going-on-in-your-own-life may have noticed that the name Ehli used to come after Kayce’s name. That’s because she got married over the summer to Brett Duncan, who serves our nation at the Minot Air Force Base. Consequently, as of the beginning of September, Kayce has joined the KK BOLD Minot staff. So, she’s still doing the same job, just in a different office about 100 miles away. Fun, right?

“The move to Minot has been great,” Kayce says. “Everyone has been super welcoming and helpful. I miss working with my fellow creative people in Bismarck, the entertainment outside our windows (Ed. Note: We have a magic bench outside our window. Interesting characters sit on it all of the time. It is an endless source of entertainment.) and the daily popcorn that gets made.” We do have some pretty sweet popcorn, as it so happens.

“It’s nice getting to see the Minot staff more than once every other week and getting to know them better,” Kayce adds, referring to the Minot staff making the trek to Bismarck biweekly (assuming that means every other week) to attend our weekly agency meetings. During the winter, that’s sure to be fun. Don’t tell Kayce.

So there’s what Kayce and Nikki did this summer. There’s always a lot of changes happening at KK BOLD. But it’s like they say, time may change KK BOLD, but KK BOLD can’t trace time. Except for when we do. Which is occasionally. Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!