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New Website a Breeze for Red Wind Casino

KK BOLD does BOLD website development BOLDly. Also ironically. Seemingly every week there’s something new we’re launching for one of our clients. So we’d like to highlight just one of our recent launches, that being a new website, redwindcasino.com, for Nisqually Red Wind Casino in Olympia, Washington.

The KK BOLD team did an excellent job updating Red Wind’s website. The new site is a facelift as opposed to a brand new site, and has a lot of cool new features, including video of the property on the homepage, jackpot totals that are more visually pleasing and incorporated better into the site’s design, a section that features promo items, news stories and dining updates and a more functional and user-friendly events calendar.

The website is also incredibly mobile friendly. Take out your phone or tablet and see for yourself. While the site was already responsive and mobile friendly – the redesign just made it more so.

We were able to transfer all of the content from their old site to the new site. The benefit of this was that the new CMS section looked exactly the same as the old CMS section, making it easy for them to update their website as needed. There were a couple of new items in the CMS section, but overall it was an exceedingly smooth transition.

The client was very happy with the new website, and so were we. Chances are you will be too. Check it out for yourself at redwindcasino.com. At KK BOLD, we make some good web. Ask any random housefly. They’ll tell you.