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NDUS Makes Wise Choice With NDChoose Website

For years, KK BOLD has been a proud partner of the North Dakota University System in their Project Vital Link campaign. As part of those efforts, we have helped them to produce their yearly printed campus view book, which helps North Dakota high school students to make their higher education decisions. In the past, the NDChoose.com website has been used as a supplement to the printed book, displaying it as a PDF file with a bit of explanatory verbiage. This year, the NDChoose website has taken a huge leap forward, with an entirely new website that gives students a brand new tool in their decision making.

About the Site

What site visitors will get at NDChoose.com today is a much more interactive and immersive experience. The site has been re-done from the ground up, and made to be more mobile-friendly and responsive to users. No longer a side-note to a printed piece, the site is the flagship of the entire Project Vital Link campaign.

The site incorporates cutting-edge techniques in its construction, including a bit of parallax scrolling. With parallax, the website background moves at a different speed than the foreground, providing a unique visual aesthetic as the user scrolls down the page.

Each college in the North Dakota University System has a page of the site dedicated to them, including enrollment data, facts and figures, as well as videos and photos of students and campus life.

The heart of the site, though, is the ability for high school students and their parents to easily navigate the varying degree programs offered by each college. The program search feature offers two paths to site visitors: “I know WHAT I want to study” or “I know WHERE I want to study.” The site will be a useful tool for guidance counselors, prospective college students and their parents, starting this spring.

About the Campaign

Project Vital Link is a North Dakota University System initiative developed to supplement campus recruitment efforts. Individual publications distributed to HS sophomores and eighth-grade students, as well as a college and university program matrix poster are also initiative elements. KK BOLD has been proud to have the opportunity to develop and produce these materials annually since 2004.

If your child is preparing to go to college in the near or slightly more distant future, we highly encourage you to check out NDChoose.com from the North Dakota University System. It can help to make a tough choice slightly less difficult. Now if only it could help them keep their dorm rooms clean.


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