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My Life as a Copywriter – A Day in the Life of Writing Perfunctory Ad Copy

I don’t know if we’ve been introduced yet (NOTE – We have. Repeatedly.), but my name is Erik Hagen, I’m the senior copywriter for KK BOLD, which sounds sort of impressive, but I think the senior part is meant just as a reference to my increasing age and impending mortality. I write a great many things here at KK BOLD, including e-newsletters, of which one you are now reading (I’m a good writer. You could tell by that last sentence, right?). As such, they asked me to share what it is that I do here in this particular edition of the e-newsletter. Ready? Okay. Here goes.

6am – I wake up, check out the idea for a killer ad line I wrote down on my phone in my sleep (“It’s better when it’s cheddar”? What does that even mean?) and begin to prepare myself for the day. After that’s done in fifteen minutes, I spend the next two hours attempting to do the same for my first grade daughter. There is a lot of me asking her where her shoes are.

8:15 am – I drop my daughter off at school and then drive to work, claiming to listen to Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats on my car stereo, but really it’s Adele. I don’t know why I just wrote that. I could very easily edit it out right now.

8:30 am – I get to work and check to see if the client liked the radio script I wrote for them the day prior. They did, because of course they did. I’m exceptional. So I fire it off to the A/V department so they can make it into an actual thing that you can hear on your radio.

8:45 am – After my emails finish loading on my not-a-morning-person Macbook Pro, I begin work on the eight other projects that are on my list for the day.

10:00 am – Having completed parts of each of the projects but not having finished any single one of them because I am so bad at focusing, I choose to instead participate in a brainstorming session with the rest of the creative team – creative director Clayton Hove and also-a-copywriter Courtney Crane. Creativity requires caffeine, which is why I attempt to see how much Mello Yello a human being can consume before one loses one’s mind. The answer is eight cans.

12:00 pm – Back to work with the writing and what not. Lunch? What’s that?

2:00 pm – Coming closer to completion on everything and also nothing, now is as good a time as any to maintain the agency’s social media presence. Which means finding something to put onto the Facebook and pairing it up with sarcasm. So, essentially, what I already regularly do on Facebook, just more agency-related.

3:00 pm – I use my daily allotted break time to go pick up my daughter from school and take her home to where her mother is. Then back to the office and back to work, because I am nothing if not diligent.

3:30 pm – I put the finishing touches of each of the day’s projects and send them off to each client’s assigned account executive for approval. Once I receive said approval, the project then gets sent to the designers so that they can make the words pretty with pictures and stuff. This is how the donuts are made. Donuts being advertisements.

4:30 pm – Now is the time for timesheets, where I meticulously log all of the day’s assorted dealings for the process of billing. Paperwork is my enemy, which is why this is the last thing I do in a day, other than leaving.

5:30 pm – I leave.

Somewhere in amongst all that are various water breaks, raiding of the office fridge for scraps, picking anything that has caramel in it out of the candy dish, having people towed out of my assigned parking space, roaming around the office because my fitness tracker yells at me whenever I attempt to sit for nine hours straight, and occasionally entertaining my office mates with what I consider to be amusing anecdotes. I use the bathroom sometimes too.

And now you know what a copywriter’s life is like. Use your newfound knowledge with the utmost responsibility. It can be dangerous in the wrong hands. If you’re an aspiring writer like I once was, I’m happy to entertain tours of my working space for tourists so that I can be fed peanuts. Contact the office if you would like to see what I do all day. Or perhaps this article provided you enough insight already. Thanks for your interest in advertising copywriting. Have a pleasant day.

Erik Hagen is the senior copywriter for KK BOLD as he’s pretty sure he already mentioned prior. That Adele song has been playing in a loop in his head for the last three weeks.