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Move It or Lose It

Motion graphics are an essential piece of a marketing campaign’s digital advertising. For example, motion graphics really allow us to bring a logo to life. The movement greatly enhances the personality of the logo, but it also helps to capture the audience’s attention and deliver complex messages more effectively.

KK BOLD does the majority of our motion graphics in-house. Where typical marketing firms have to send out complex motion graphics to studios who specialize in them, we are capable of handling almost everything right here.

Our motion graphics work takes a combination of input from designers, our creative director and our video editor. KK BOLD Video Editor/Producer Julius Acena shares, “I think motion design is similar in many ways to speaking different languages. The first step is to understand the message within a graphic element. Next is to figure out how to translate them into visual movements that evoke emotion or tell a story. Sometimes a project will come in screaming what needs to be done while others require deciphering. The process I would say is either gratifying or humbling, depending on the job.”

We often use motion graphics in commercial productions, but there’s also a lot of uses for motion graphics in digital signage within casinos and other properties.

KK BOLD’s Creative Director Clayton Hove adds, “One of the greatest challenges of marketing is finding a way to break through all the clutter and get somebody’s attention. If you don’t accomplish that, you can’t share your message and you can’t get them to act on that information. Adding some motion to a message is a great way to catch their eye.”

In the end, the goal is to complement an existing design or brand message and convey it effectively and creatively.