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Missouri Slope Spring Campaign

Missouri Slope has recently faced a lot of change. Just as they revamped their entire marketing program – including business name and logo – and started a capital campaign along with construction on a new north campus, the pandemic hit. They were up to the task of keeping their tenants safe and adhering to the constantly changing regulations, but those regulations also made it a difficult time to allow new residents to move in.

As the visitor restrictions and other regulations have begun to be relaxed they recognized the need to get out the word about the wonderful amenities they offer in their skilled nursing and assisted living facilities.

KK BOLD created two beautiful new TV spots to help build awareness of the brand and that they have available space. Both spots also let people know about the state-of-the-art north campus being built on north Washington.

We employed a variety of strategies on social media. Those include geotargeting hospitals for rehab ads, and an Ask Linda campaign where we address FAQs both on social and on their website. We also have paid ads on social pushing people to a page where you can ask a question of Linda, who is a person everyone at Missouri Slope is familiar with. We’ve also added search for long term and short term care and rehabilitation, which also helps brand awareness.

Kelly Nissen, KK BOLD’s account manager for Missouri Slope adds, “Our outdoor designs coupled with printed materials provided to hospitals, churches, insurance companies and attorneys also support brand and top-of-mind public awareness.”

KK BOLD and Missouri Slope rounded out the campaign with focus on awareness for the new North Campus. We were able to repurpose some of the foundation items for the capital campaign and the 2019 general design to create a one sheeter they can mail out, as well as add to a folder that includes previously designed brochures and a newly created FAQ rack card.

Missouri Slope Communications Specialist Karson Pederson shared, “We have had great success with the Ask Linda campaign and are seeing an increase in occupancy. The campaign and awareness materials have been crucial to that success.”