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Minot Auto Does Outdoor TV Shoot in Summer; KK BOLD Production Team Melts

Minot Auto shoot

June! It can be a windy and hot month in North Dakota! Also, it can be the name of a person, so if your name is June, we would like to apologize for yelling at you at the beginning of this paragraph! It was unintentional, June!

Anyway, the KKB production team traveled to Minot recently for a two-day TV shoot for Minot Automotive Center. The first day started with an afternoon shoot outside for instructional videos. These videos will be used to familiarize customers with the process of having an appraisal done and utilizing the Service Center (In marketing, we utilize the word “utilize” instead of “use,” because it has more letters.) The dealership plans to add these to their vanity site.

We were lucky enough to work with two of Minot Auto’s finest employees to get these shots. Everyone was very accommodating, even giving us ample space to set up a temporary office. The sun and wind were a challenge, but the KKB team is like the Boy Scouts of America in that we are always prepared and usually wearing sashes and knee-high socks with shorts.

Next up was grabbing commercial footage for Toyota and Chrysler, which required capturing the sunset. After a short dinner break at Mi Mexico, where our account executive Kelly Loos introduced our a/v editor Tyler Schmaltz to grilled jalapeños, the team was back at it following a quick break to drink an entire bucket of milk. Then a short bit of unconsciousness later and the team was back up to grab the sun as it rose. The PR and A crew (a local production company in Minot) joined us for the second day with their “red camera.” This particular camera had to be monitored at all times. Thank goodness for an intern who was able to keep a handle on it while not in use. That’s what interns are best at, making sure nobody that takes your cool technology when you aren’t looking.

We had a few challenges throughout the day, but getting us all inside before the temperature hit 95 degrees and none of our talent came down with heat stroke worked out very well. Overall, we were able to stick to the schedule and get the shots needed to put together another memorable commercial for Minot Auto. And now to stay inside with the air conditioner for the next four months.

Check out two of the completed spots below: