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Marketing Trends That Will Be Seen in 2017


We saw a lot of changes happen marketing in 2016, and there seems to be no sign of slowing down for a slew of new opportunities for marketers in 2017. With Facebook on top of its game, and mobile usage continuing to grow, digital marketing will see huge advancements. That doesn’t mean marketers should rule out continued investment in their more traditional forms of marketing though. Let’s take a look at a few of the trends that predicted this year:

Video will continue to takeover

The trend in live streaming and real-time video is likely to take over all social platforms. Snapchat’s rise in popularity to almost 150 million daily active users in 2016 had other social platforms taking notice, such as Instagram with their similar 24-hour story feature introduced in August 2016. It looks like Facebook is rolling out this same feature for its messaging service WhatsApp, which is used by more than one billion people a month internationally. With more and more competition between social platforms and investment in research and development in the year to come, there’s no denying the way of advertising to users on these social platforms will change as video is favored more. This means marketers will need to focus more on video production. So, to stay relevant this year, marketers really should consider upping their video production budgets and restructuring their media strategies to utilize high-quality videos.

Consumers to expect more from email marketing

When it comes to reaching consumers through email marketing, the first step is getting them to open it. Personalization will play a much larger role in 2017. As will be seen on social and other mediums, consumers want to see relevant content. Also, they will expect this content to be mobile-friendly (shorter in length for mobile screens) and interactive (search bars, quizzes, image galleries and other capabilities within an email). Content received in email format will need to be more visually appealing for them. Only then will consumers take action based on the unique experiences they have with an email representing a company or brand.

Don’t forget about traditional television and radio
Although it seems like the internet has been slowly trying to take over not only consumers’ time, but also their checkbooks, more traditional forms of advertising are still fighting back. With events in television like the recent Super Bowl and the current award show season, commercial budgets are at an all-time high. A 30 second Super Bowl spot was upwards of $5 million this year, for instance. Although these events bring in millions of viewers, marketers need to take it one step further with commercials. Large brands have taken cross-marketing to a new level by pushing consumers to take further action on social platforms and perform other web activity. Over 50 percent of commercials that aired at the Super Bowl were previously uploaded to YouTube and or Vimeo. This increased views tremendously as they were able to rack up more visibility before they aired on television. Also, expectations of original content from consumers is becoming more apparent. That means marketers’ will need to get more creative with story-telling and move away from the more promotional messages used in the past.

Not only are trends in television going to change, but so are those of radio. Although traditional radio is still a thing, it is seeing more aggressive completion from services such as Pandora and Spotify as well other online streaming services. These will become more advanced in 2017, so marketers also will need to get more creative with their radio spots to use them effectively as part of their online strategy. Pandora just announced they will be making dynamic ads that will be able to reach unique listeners in real time sometime this year. Like television commercial production, marketers will need to consider how their radio commercials will translate to an online setting.

As the transition continues from more traditional ways of marketing to new opportunities and advancements on the digital front, marketers will need to consider how they can utilize their usual budgets and strategies to continue reaching consumers.
Here’s to what’s to come in 2017 and the challenges we will face as marketers.

Elise Braun is a social and digital media specialist at KK BOLD.