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Market Research Grows Rapidly at KK BOLD

KK BOLD has seen significant growth in survey and research development. There is a real desire in the marketplace to gain a deeper understanding of consumer behavior and attitudes.

KK has been conducting primarily quantitative research but we are also working with a number of clients on guest satisfaction surveys. These are taken quickly after the consumer uses a product or service, like buying tickets to an event or staying in a hotel.

The research is used for a wide variety of purposes from general awareness to delving more deeply into customer opinions to get a sense of their attitude toward a client’s products or services.

KK BOLD President LaRoy Kingsley said, “The research is primarily used to look for opportunities within the marketplace to develop messaging. A significant portion is also benchmark information that we use to track trends and look for changes in perceptions. We also use this as a starting point for a campaign, so we can track the overall effectiveness of a campaign at its completion.”

The quality of online survey programs combined with people’s willingness to take surveys online has allowed us to speed up the survey process tremendously while reducing costs significantly. For these reasons it’s become more and more attractive to businesses looking to find out where they stand in the marketplace.

When it comes to writing and creating these surveys, there can be quite a lot of variables to consider. We want to get the answers our clients are looking for, but also make the surveys easy to complete and not too long, or the participants won’t finish them.

KK BOLD Vice President of IT Kalvin Kingsley adds, “Question logic can be quite simple, but it can also be very complex. Accounting for all possible variations of a respondent’s answer, making sure to ask the least number of questions to get the data you need, phrasing the questions properly and providing a proper selection of possible answers are all very important. These items need to be right before the survey goes out the door.”

After the research is done, the analysis of the data begins. KK BOLD Account Manager Ashley Eggl explains how the information is turned into something clients can make decisions from. “The platform we use allows us to filter and compare a number of ways to create reports that aren’t just full of raw data, but can be easier to analyze and find the information that can then be used to implement new marketing strategies, or tweak old strategies based on market trends. Data is only as good as the effectiveness to interpret it, and I think that’s where this platform really shines.”

Through executive summaries, we are able to provide clients with a synopsis of what the research shows and how we would recommend they implement these findings into their day-to-day marketing strategies. This service allows the client to get to the nuts and bolts of what the research shows without having to dive through mounds of data to get there.

If you’re interested in finding out where your company or business stands in the market, we’d be happy to help.