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Lucky for Life Gets Even Luckier

This summer, The North Dakota Lottery’s game Lucky For Life was changed to a daily drawing. We were the lucky ones who got to assist in getting the word out.

The biggest piece of the campaign for this promotion was new TV. Together the Lottery and KK opted to use an animated spot. Animation was originally the Lottery’s idea due to producing the commercial during the pandemic created challenges for hiring talent. KK BOLD ran with it and came up with several different concepts that relied heavily on humor to grab the audiences attention — and keep it. The Lottery chose the final concept and KK BOLD hired an animator who had done motion graphics for us in the past.

With the new promotion players can play the game every day for a chance to win $1,000 a day for life. The game was launched with a More Buck 4 Less Buck promotion which offered $4 off a seven-draw ticket. KK created the promo kickoff name and design. Along with TV, the campaign also included radio, billboards, social media and online video, all of which was also produced by KK.

The campaign was a clear success with the Lottery far exceeding their goals. But those results aren’t luck. That’s just good marketing.