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Lottery Jackpot Announcements

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In early November when the North Dakota Lottery had record high Powerball jackpots, KK BOLD kicked into high gear to get the word out.

This isn’t a new strategy for us. Since the beginning of our relationship as the agency of record for The North Dakota Lottery, we’ve had a process in place for high jackpot announcements.

When the jackpots get high, our role is to work closely with the Lottery to place a media buy that includes radio and/or Facebook. Most often we are placing ads for the next day. When the jackpots get above a certain threshold we include billboards as well.

Our team sets these alerts as high priority and often completes all media, design and AV work in a couple hours, so everything can be approved and sent out to vendors as soon as possible.

Ashley Eggl, KK BOLD’s account manager for the Lottery adds, “We have a great relationship with our voiceover talent company which helps since they, too, make the radio spots a priority as soon as they receive the email with a new script.”

In July of this year the Lottery also had a world record Mega Millions jackpot. Powerball draws three days a week, while Mega Millions draws twice a week. So, everyone has to stay on the ball to make sure jackpot amounts are announced on time.

During the past ten years of partnership, we’ve developed a cohesive relationship with the North Dakota Lottery. We look forward to many more years of growing their marketing.