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Lindsey Dockter the Right ℞ for the KK BOLD Team


KK BOLD has been graced with a new account executive, and said account executive is one Lindsey Dockter. NOTE: Lindsey is not really a doctor. That is why Dockter is listed after her name and not before, and also why it is spelled incorrectly. Just in case anyone was confused by that.

Lindsey grew up in Mandan, and was on the dance team for four years. “If you can last four years on a high school dance team with competitive and hormone enraged girls, you can pretty much accomplish anything,” Lindsey says.

We’ll have to take her word for that. Lindsey graduated from Mandan High School in 2003 and went to a lot of different colleges for graphic design until realizing that was not her calling. “So instead I just tell the graphic designers what I want, which is everything in PINK and dolphins swimming around puppies and dogs! I don’t seem to get my way, though.” We probably don’t need to say why.

Lindsey graduated from Rasmussen College in Bismarck with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management because that is basically the same thing as graphic design and/or marketing. She then worked at Houston Engineering, Inc. for five years. For her hobbies and interests, she replied: “Well, I don’t think drinking vodka is an appropriate hobby, so let’s go with traveling to tropical destinations because I am not a fan of these blistery/blustery (not sure of the correct terminology) cold winters we get here.” Blustery. Not blistery.

She says she does enjoy shopping, mostly for bright and loud clothing. She says she is obsessed with the color PINK (all capital letters) and if it sparkles or has bling on it, it is an automatic must, regardless of price. She says she is also a HUGE (also all capital letters) Green Bay Packers fan, because somebody needs to be. And, as mentioned earlier, she is obsessed with dolphins and puppies. She has three fur babies of her own, and then less importantly a husband and stepson (Don’t yell at us, unnamed husband and stepson; that’s how she phrased it).

It goes without saying, which is why we’re not writing it and not saying it, but welcome to the team, Lindsey. And you already seem to fit in well, what with the vodka drinking and the sarcasm. So, yeah, good things. Good things are on the horizon. Just cool it with the dolphins and the puppies, please.