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Lincoln Fitness Marketing Plan Gets Worked into Shape

KK BOLD recently assisted in the marketing for Lincoln Fitness, a startup fitness center in Lincoln, North Dakota, oddly enough. We asked KK BOLD account executive and self-professed “super fun writer” Kelly Loos to describe the project. Here is her account. No exclamation points have been altered.

KK BOLD was contracted recently to handle marketing for the launch of Lincoln Fitness, a new fitness center in the bedroom community of Lincoln, ND. Lincoln Fitness opened on August 1st and is now proudly offering all Lincoln residents a healthier lifestyle, with the added convenience of being only a few steps away from most of their doors!

KK BOLD began the project with a logo design. After the logo was created, Lincoln Fitness wanted us to help them bring the business to life. Based on the limited number of residents living in Lincoln, we knew the best way to kick things off would be a Facebook page to help them gain awareness and build community involvement, which gained excellent traction!

We began our social media plan of attack by coming up with relatable, engaging articles and other content that would inform users of all that Lincoln Fitness has to offer. We supplied the membership applications, hours, location, equipment list and membership rates. In other words, everything you would need in order to get ready for the new gym! We also offered merchandise and membership giveaways, with a variety of ways to win!

We scheduled 3-5 additional posts per week to be sure we stayed in the News Feeds of those who liked our page. In the first 10 days, we had up to 661 Likes. Considering the population of Lincoln and its surrounding area consists of a Facebook audience size of roughly 3,000 people, this was a fantastic beginning! The Facebook ad campaign included a combination of Like campaigns starting at the end of June, and boosted posts, which included information in equipment and facility amenities throughout the month of July. Another part of the social media portion of the project was setting up a payment method through Facebook so that members would be able to signup remotely. Overall, we were able to provide Lincoln Fitness with the right artillery to get their business underway and off to a fit start.

Additionally, KK BOLD helped to build awareness of Lincoln Fitness and generate interest by designing a direct mail postcard, the perfect marketing method for reaching a smaller audience. By the project’s completion, the postcard was delivered to the mailbox of every resident of Lincoln, not only driving them to the Facebook page to win free memberships and Like the page, but also letting them know that Lincoln Fitness was coming to the area and opening August 1. We partnered the postcard with posters which were hung in other area businesses in Lincoln. Finally, we recommended that Lincoln Fitness host a grand opening to generate even more excitement and get folks in the door who may have been hesitant to take advantage of the early enrollment.

At the project’s completion, we trained the owners of Lincoln Fitness on online media and Facebook and turned over the keys to their page. Since that time, they have maintained a steady presence and are up to almost 1,000 likes! The opening was a success, thanks in part to the marketing plan and all of the hard work by both Lincoln Fitness and KK BOLD! Congratulations to everyone involved for a very FIT launch indeed!