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Liechty Homes Right at Home with KK BOLD

We recently completed a marketing campaign for a newer client at KK BOLD – Liechty Homes. Liechty is in the business of manufacturing homes for their clients. KK BOLD is in the business of manufacturing advertising for our clients. So right away, we were like two peas in a pod.

Liechty Homes was initially looking for marketing consultation in the early fall of 2016. Their biggest concern was Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and making their website available to potential customers who were actively searching for a new home. After a discovery session with some of Liechty’s key staff members, we learned enough to get started on Phase 1:

  • Liechty is a large company with locations in Bismarck, Minot, Jamestown and Black Hawk, SD.
  • As of June 2016, they had just launched a new website but there was limited traffic to it.
  • We identified their clients/target audience.
  • We identified what sets them apart from their competition.
  • We registered them on the top three search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • We gained access to their Google Analytics.

After additional research and strategic planning, it was clear the most efficient way to begin was to run for two months with a basic SEM campaign to determine which messages would resonate best with potential customers. We tested graphics, headlines and ZIP codes. The goal during Phase 1 was to learn as much as we could in those 3 months so that we could adjust the campaign to enhance performance and capitalize on their busiest season. This approach would allow for the most efficient usage of the budget.

Phase 2 was launched during their peak season. The timing was ideal to leverage what we learned from phase 1 to make each marketing dollar work as hard as possible. We added retargeting to the SEM campaign and a catchy radio ad on Pandora. All efforts directed users to the new website.The results were better than we’d hoped for. Overall traffic to the site in those three months increased by 50%.

Moving forward, we are planning to continue our digital marketing efforts work for Liechty until the end of October. Success manufactures success, so you could say we’re happy to have built upon the foundation that we mutually constructed.