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Kupper is now Kramer

Last year, the Kupper team made a decision to rebrand Kupper to Kramer. KK BOLD, with nearly 30 years of experience in rebranding campaigns, was up to the challenge.

The first case of business was a new logo. Our designers provided several well thought out, strategic designs.

We wanted a bold, recognizable look that had a connection to the original Kupper logo. We also were aiming for something that felt stable and approachable. The Foundation Automotive and Kupper team easily narrowed down and found consensus on which design to move forward with. The angle of the letters in the final logo, plus the gradient helps to show movement, which is optimal for a company selling vehicles. Plus the silver detail in the logo mimics the chrome detail on vehicles.

After the logo was finalized, we were able to end the year with a soft launch. A press release and some social media messages let the public know about the name change. Earlier this month the campaign launched reaching people through billboards, TV, radio, print ads and social media. These will run for six weeks.

The list of materials that need to be updated for a rebrand can be surprisingly extensive. A company’s logo is their face to the world, so it’s not only all over the property, it’s on most materials that leave the property as well.

The long list of these materials included internal and external signage, business cards, letterheads, url stickers, special pricing tags, vehicle wraps, oil change stickers, thank you cards and much more.

Kelly Loos, KK BOLD’s Account Manager for the Kramer account, had this to add, “Although a rebrand can be very involved, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing all the behind-the-scene hard work come together.”

In addition to our name change campaign, we recently finished an online campaign to introduce the community to Chuck Kramer, the COO of Foundation Auto Group, and Terry Weszner, Operating Managing Partner of Kramer Chevrolet and Kramer Subaru. Both Chuck and Terry started from the ground up in the automotive business having worked about every job in a dealership that you can work. These short one- to two-minute videos let viewers know the character of the people running Kramer and therefore what the company stands for.

Cole Kutschinski, Vice President of Marketing for Foundation Automotive Corp., had this to say, “With the help of KK BOLD, our name transition went off flawlessly as it was meticulously planned for nine months leading to the launch date. Partnering with them has been a large contributing factor for our success in 2020 and will continue to be for 2021.”

Once the launch ends on February 14, the Kramer and KK teams will be focused on brand awareness and educating the public about Kramer’s Warranty Forever and Kramer Advantage programs. Kramer is also building a new Subaru dealership and new auto body and detail center! The future is looking bright for Kramer and we look forward to being a part of helping them grow.