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KPIs – Measuring the Success of Your Marketing Campaign


You’ve put your heart, soul and budget into a marketing campaign, and now your fingers are crossed, hoping it’s a success.

Instead of praying people will like your campaign and rave about it to your boss, there’s a better way to set yourself up for a big win. By establishing measurable expectations on the front end, campaign performance can be tracked against defined goals. These KPIs – short for key performance indicators – should drive campaign development as well as media planning and placement.

Need a few examples? A KPI can be as simple as the number of people who click on an online ad leading them to your website. It could be an increase in ticket sales or the number of prospective customers who walk through your doors. In each situation, KPIs are a metric for measuring progress toward defined goals.

At KK BOLD, an important part of campaign planning is something we refer to as a discovery session. This early step is where your team and ours will explore campaign goals and expectations. Once we’ve established how success will be measured, the KK BOLD media planning team will evaluate traditional and online mediums to determine where you will get the best bang for your buck and – most importantly – attain your KPIs. Using this same strategic approach, we maintain the flexibility to adjust media buys, if needed, as the campaign unfolds.

To the general public, an effective marketing campaign is one that really grabs your attention. For those of us in the profession, the creative work is a lot of fun, but it ultimately must serve the practical purpose of accomplishing client objectives. That’s why media buyers live for the numbers, like clicks, impressions and completed views.

So no more just hoping someone raves to the boss. Let’s get to work on determining your KPIs!

– Penny Blotsky, Senior Media Buyer