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KPI Reporting – The Devil is in the Detail

Whether KPI management is new to you, or you’ve been tracking, visualizing, and reporting on your KPIs for some time, there are always new processes, strategies, and tips that can help you maximize all your hard work.

A KPI Report is a business-performance tool that effectively visualizes Key Performance Indicators. Companies use these reports to track progress against targets and goals to improve performance. A KPI Report will typically contain a mixture of charts, graphs, and tabular information.

When starting a new campaign it is important for KK BOLD to be able to analyze the data from your website and determine an objective that is suitable for your specific campaign. After the campaign has ended it is also important to read through that data and analyze it to show whether your objective was reached. A KPI Report is not only a more refined way to collate this data, it visualizes KPIs and metrics that specifically target performance against objectives.

KK BOLD uses Google Data Studio to collect data from every source used for our client’s campaigns. Sources include, Google Analytics, Google Search, Google Display, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn., and the list goes on. Every client has a different objective. For instance, a funeral home may have a website that they want to increase awareness of and traffic to, as well as increasing time on their site, while a casino wants to fill beds, fill its restaurants and sell tickets to an event. A different casino may want to increase its Players Club numbers but has no way of showing the actual conversion. A KPI report is what KK BOLD creates to show whether those goals and objectives are getting accomplished.

KK Media Director Bridget Schemel says that data analysis can seem boring to some, but adds, “Digging into the meat of the data to uncover what we need to do next is really rewarding, especially when we get a new client and can see many places we can improve their success.”

Good organizational reporting and communication are essential to business success. Building an environment where everyone is working towards common objectives and goals is crucial if you want to succeed.