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KK Transitions to Advantage

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KK BOLD has recently transitioned to a new media buying software. Advantage is an agency management software built for ad agencies, and more specifically, media buyers. Advantage has been in business for over 40 years, is a trusted partner, and offers unlimited live support.

Using the best media buying software available is crucial to creating cost-effective and efficient TV, cable and radio schedules. These traditional media can be very expensive. They’re also less trackable than digital advertising, so extensive research up front is necessary in order to maximize ad effectiveness and eliminate waste.

Media buying software operates similarly to an excel spreadsheet, but with a very specific purpose and the ability to analyze marketing data. With this, buyers can base the value of an ad on the audience it’s expected to reach (size, demo, interests, etc.). Knowing the value of the ads allows us to negotiate for lower rates, increased bonuses and other added value.

After the schedule runs, the software helps us determine if the schedules we purchased reached the audience we wanted. If there’s some gap between the audience we specified and the audience who viewed it, station representatives will reference the report generated from the software, and give us free ads to fill that gap. It’s a failsafe that turns buying traditional media from risky and expensive, into a smart investment.